Ellen's Priorities

Vote for Better

I am committed to

communication and being accessible to members of the community. I will provide monthly meetings to share ideas and concerns and bring these views to the debate at the Council table. 

I will report Council issues and decisions through email updates and social media. 

I will work with representatives of local organizations, interest groups and business associations.  

I will respond to inquiries and investigate concerns in a timely manner.

Vote for Better
Business and Tourism

Vote for an invigorated tourism sector and a healthier commercial tax base.

I am committed to community-based economic development initiatives and working to maintain a commercially attractive environment that will attract new businesses, ensure the retention of established businesses and draw a growing workforce to Wasaga Beach.

I will address issues of red tape that act as a disincentive to new business start-ups and work to create initiatives to strengthen our business sector by focusing on results. 

Vote for a High School sooner rather than later!

I am committed to bringing a High School to Wasaga Beach. As a grandmother raising a child in elementary school, I am intensely aware how important this issue is to local families.

The latest data cannot be ignored - 2030 is too far away for us!

While Council has no position in this decision-making, local vocal advocacy gets funding. 

Wasaga Beach needs to be poised for the next round of capital funding. Regular deputations by the School Board Trustee, letters of support from Council and on-going community engagement are efforts to keep our situation top of mind in the process.  

Vote for Better
Beachfront Development

Vote for a beachfront we can be proud of and enjoy.  We need a beautiful beachfront to reinvigorate our tourism industry and strengthen our economic base. 

I was intricately involved in the redevelopment of the Port Credit Waterfront (Mississauga) and can bring my experience to work in Wasaga Beach. That strategy will include more community and stakeholder collaboration in development decisions, ensuring that public interests and rights of access are supported.

Developing the beachfront is one of the largest and most costly projects in Wasaga Beach's history.  Vote to get this right!

Vote for Better
Managed Growth and Accessible Housing 

Vote for good management of development density to protect our natural resources and improve the liveability of Wasaga Beach.  

Vote to create housing options that meet the changing needs of our young people, families and seniors including our most marginalized citizens.