Successful Campaign Launch Held at Wild Wing, Wasaga Beach!

Updated: May 20

Team Timms and the great staff at Wasaga Beach Wild Wings. Image courtesy of Beach Booster Media Group

I couldn't be more grateful for the show of support at the recent Campaign Kick-off and

Meet & Greet event held at Wild Wing in the Stonebridge Town Centre.

It was wonderful to feel the positive show of support while at the same time meeting and sharing conversations with people new to me.

Here's a little excerpt from my speech:

"I believe there is no "one-size-fits-all candidate" and that we need diversity at the Council table. I believe in positive politics, so you are not likely to hear negativity on my campaign trail.

I want to be viewed as an independent thinker and one who will weigh all the facts in decision-making. I fully understand that the issues in Wasaga Beach are complicated and that there is a lot of division. I hope that in time, we can come together and work toward the greater good.

While I have not been an elected official before, I have spent most of my career working with or around them - at all levels of government.

I come from the BIA world which gave me the opportunity to serve on many boards and committees. (Business Improvement Areas are geographical areas in a municipality that is legislated by Council to form an association to promote vibrancy through beautification and economic development).

In 2018 I joined the town staff as Tourism and Economic Development Officer on a short-term contract filling in for a maternity leave. I was hired on under the former Council and served the current Council after the election. It was an experience that gave me insights into our town management that I would have never picked up in any other manner.

Currently, I am working for the Wasaga Beach Chamber of Commerce in member advocacy so I'm back doing what I love - supporting business vibrancy."

I talked about My Priorities and explained that I expect these issues to expand as I spend time knocking on doors and attending meet-up events.

I closed by saying that at the end of the campaign, voters will want Councillors who share their views and values - many of which are complex. I am not beholden to any special interest and will listen to all sides of the discussion. I know the role, I know the limitations but I also know the possibilities and I am asking for your vote in October.

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